We are Thought fusion

and this is our passion project


Thought Fusion- an entertainment talkshow founded in September of 2017 by three students, eager to learn and question the intricacies of life

Here are our core values: 

  1. Smart is sexy

  2. Always strive for improvement

  3. The world is our classroom

  4. There is humor and joy in everything we do

Thought Fusion is about believing in the power of thought and purpose. We find that reading, researching, and in-depth thinking don’t always find a place in our chaotic, day-to-day lives. But on the radio, we want to create a space for listening, learning, awareness, and entertainment for everyone. 

Join us every week:

Wednesdays, 2-3 p.m. (PST).



Lizza Popova
Paula Niederland
Annemarie Allen