Klimt's Best Work Ever. A Very Short Analysis.

September 7th, 2018. 

Okay so here's the deal. Gustav Klimt is probably the most advertised artist of the Vienna Secession art movement. Period.

Why? It might have to do with his obvious adoration of the opposite gender. It might have to do with his bombastic personality, but I also think it has to do with his brilliant use of shapes to form images.          Obviously. 

Also, two fun things that I can't eloquently tie in into a paragraph. 1) He fathered more than 14 children. 2) His works were deemed pornographic by some of the top artistic institutions.

How fun.

But I think there is one image that is way more popular than any other of his works- The Kiss. It was also deemed pornographic when it first was on exhibit, but that did not stop the Austrian government from buying it before it was even finished.

Anyway, this is his best work because in comparison to his other works, the female in this painting does not have an outwardly alpha tonality. Yet, it is clear that she is giving her power away voluntarily and that if she wanted to, she'd take it right back. Not for the sake of a power dynamic, but for the sake of herself. This contrast to his other works is really what pops out at me the most. So powerful...

Maybe I'm romanticizing, but can you blame me? At the end of the day, the gold and the color pattern are enough to keep one mesmerized for some time.

Last thing: even though you've probably seen this work in its "cut off" state, it's actually painted on a perfect square (180 cm x 180 cm).


                                                   Gustav Klimt,  The Kiss , 1908.  

                                                   Gustav Klimt, The Kiss, 1908.