Piss Christ.

September 15, 2018.

You know an artist has done a good job when his work makes you ponder.

Piss Christ, to me, is one of these works. To fill you in: Andres Serrano decided to submerge a little statuette of Christ in his own urine and take a picture of it. Surprisingly, it turned out to be absolutely beautiful. I feel weird typing this, but the image actually looks divine and holy.

Not surprisingly, when the work first saw light in 1987, it was hit with a wave of criticism, and Andres was scolded for insensitivity and blasphemy.

The sh*t show continued though… In 2011 his work was vandalized in France, while hanging at an exhibit. In 2012 there were efforts to have the White House denounce the artwork all together…

The work did very well with the youth though, and you can even buy a Piss Christ shirt at a Supreme store. Here is a link if you are interested: https://www.supremenewyork.com/news/680/images?image=6.

Here is what I think:

  • Art is art. Art expresses opinion. If you do not want to see/hear someone’s opinion- no one is making you.

  • Andres stated numerous times that he meant no disrespect and that he himself is a practicing Catholic. So it is not fair to bully him for allegedly being disrespectful and evil.

  • This could also be a commentary on our society and how we primitivize and commercialize religion. Perhaps Piss Christ was not submerged in piss at all. Sit on that for a little.

If you want to read more about the work, check this link out. It includes an audio of Senator Jesse Helms condemning the work: http://100photos.time.com/photos/andres-serrano-piss-christ

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Andres Serrano,  Piss Christ , 1987

Andres Serrano, Piss Christ, 1987

A screenshot of my Google search for Supreme  Piss Christ  shirts.

A screenshot of my Google search for Supreme Piss Christ shirts.