Arko Datto

Neon in the Air


I saw two ads for Face-tune today… Jeesh…

On another note, when it comes to editing photos to make an artistic statement or to mess with the atmospherics, I am totally down for it. A photojournalist who does this particularly well is Arko Datto. Arko works primarily in India and Bangladesh, and most of his works explore the subjects of civil unrest and political turmoil.

His project, “Will My Mannequin Be Home When I Return,” is probably one of my favorites. He saturates his images and uses maximum flash to highlight how intense political unrest can be. At least that’s my theory as to why… As someone smart said in this link, Arko’s “images appear as highly aestheticized accidents – cinematic stills from a feverish nightmare.” I think that is a beautiful way of describing them.

There is not too much more about this guy on the net, and I don’t think his works needs too much explaining, so this blog is a little shorter than usual. Sorry hunny. But, the only other two things that I was able to find out was that he won “Photo of the Year” in 2004 (awarded by World Press) and the Pulitzer Price in 2005. And that’s


Anyway, enjoy these pics, they are truly something else. And if you like these, go follow @Gupmagazine on Insta, they have plenty bits from talented artists.

Side note: For some reason his last name on Wikipedia is spelled with an “A” at the end. If you know what the right spelling is- please let me know.

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