Mood Blog; Try This.

October 13, 2018.

I want to do something a little different for this blog. I want to try to make you feel what I felt on October 12th. Not in a weird psycho kind of way, but in sharing-a-human-experience kind of way. Please follow the steps below. There’s only three ;P

Step 1: Put Ludovico Einaudi’s “Divenire” on. One of his best works in my opinion. Even if you do not know the title, I am sure you have heard this work before. It’s what people call a modern-day classic. Put it on repeat, it doesn’t get old.

Step 2: Open this link. After the video pops up, go to settings on the right-hand side and change the speed to “2”. That will make it go faster. Mute the sound. Start watching. If you can’t zone out on the planets, try going to 1:25:21. The colors are absolutely gorgeous at that point.

Step 3:

If you have something fun to draw with, like pastel pencils for example, try drawing one of the cosmos bits from the video. Hella hard! It will probably end up looking like trash but you never know, you might love it. Try to put effort into it and show it to at least one other person after you are done. If you end up using chalk, pastels, or raw graphite, use hair spray to set your piece after you are done. Pro tip :p

If you do not have anything “fun” to draw with, grab a pen or a Sharpie. Open the next link, put it on the “2” speed and try following along. By the end of this, you will feel very satisfied. Make sure “Divenire” is still playing.

What’s the point?

Sometimes when I’m bored, I don’t know what to do. I tend to want to be productive, but not too productive… In moments like these, I wish someone would come into my room and make me do something super random. Today, I wanted to be that person for you.

While I was going through this process myself, I felt peaceful, emotional, blessed, and calm. Emotional and calm- although an oxymoron, they do go together sometimes, I swear. If you felt something different, let me know. I know we are all different and just because this song and these videos triggered a certain response in me, it doesn’t mean it will in you.

If you didn’t feel anything while doing this and you think this was a waist of time, think twice. Instead of browsing Instagram, FB, YouTube and doing nothing on the couch, you listened to an award-winning composer while exploring space and bettering your motor skills. If that’s not your new answer to a “wyd” message from one of your Tinder matches, you’re doing it wrong.

What I used for my inspiration sesh:

The Inspiration Behind My Chef-D’oeuvre

The Inspiration Behind My Chef-D’oeuvre

The Chef-D’oeuvre

The Chef-D’oeuvre

The Actual State of the Universe

The Actual State of the Universe

DOUBLE IMAGE SPOILER: My Universe kinda looks like a turtle. Do you see it!?

Hint: The white spot in the middle is the eye. The blue part is its head. The sides are its legs. Ha!