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I find interest and passion in bettering myself.

I strive to spread positivity, embrace change, and live outside of my comfort zone.

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Passion. I’ve found passion does not simply find you. You must go out. You must try new things. You must put yourself out of your comfort zone. You must be consistent. Consistency is where passion lives. Our passions may change. We go through too many stages. If you feel lost, continue to try. Always try. 4/16/19.

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Let’s Reset

Reset your worries, your anxiety, your troubles. The daily routine is your safety net. Your comfort zone. No matter how far you go, make a point to step outside of this zone. Small steps daily can make those larger steps easier. Be confident. Do not let your fears rule you.



“If we’re not doing what makes us happy every single day of our lives then what are we even doing?'“

Please do not live waiting for Friday. Wake up every morning ready to take on the day. Each day presents new challenges. New excitement. New opportunities. Find a goal and use each day to get closer and closer it. If you’re unhappy in a situation, look for something new. If you’re heart knows you’re meant for something greater: GO DO IT. Each day we can move towards a brighter tomorrow. The sun only shines on those who look past the clouds.



You’ll never be 100 percent ready. Do it anyways.

There is never a right time. There is never a perfect amount of preparation. The universe will not reach out to you. You must call out to the universe. Express what you want and go after it. You may hear several no’s before you get a yes. All that you deem a failure is preparing you for the ultimate opportunity. Don’t be afraid to fall. Just do it, what is right for you will be. But what will be requires some effort on your part. If you needed a sign to start, this is it.

The picture on the left was taken January 1st 2018, right before we launched this website. The picture on the right was taken more recently September 24th 2018. There are some easily noticeable differences such as my hair length but much more has changed. Mindset and mentality are the life and soul of the way we live our lives. A positive outlook and opening your heart to the opportunities the universe has to offer is what makes life worth living. Change is inevitable but rather than fight it this year i’ve learned to be accepting of change and even embrace it. Hope you all follow me on this journey to place ourselves outside of our comfort zones and become the person we all choose to be!

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Before & after the feast. Have you ever eaten food prepared a certain way and felt yourself go back to that moment?