Positivity: Live Your Best Life  

I’d like to share something I realized.

 The truth about life--

 We don’t see the world as it is, the world is how we perceive it to be.


These words helped me realize happiness.

They helped me worry less and embody positivity.


Worrying less:


I, like many of you, care about what others think. I want people to like me. Whether or not it’s intentional, this alters my behavior.

But – how can I really know if someone likes me as a person? Why am I changing myself to please others? How do I know that certain actions or words will deter people?

And so, when I remember…

“We don’t see the world as it is, the world is how we perceive it to be,”  

I understand that how I think other people view me is all in my head.

These are all my own perceptions. I am making assumptions as to what other people think and feel based off of my own values and beliefs.

None of it really exists.


Why hold all of myself back because of how I think it will be received-- something I can never truly know?



My number one rule in life: always have a positive mindset.

If the world exists only as we perceive it, then there really is no definite good or definite bad. This is not to get confused with the idea that the world is solely a good place. We all know that’s not true.


There is good and bad in everything. It’s all about which details we choose to focus on.

It’s a choice to spend our energy relishing in the bad.

It’s also a choice to concentrate our energy on the good.

I can be upset about missing an exit on the highway…


I can feel grateful for the opportunity to have more time to myself, to learn a new way to get somewhere, and to enjoy my music longer.


I can be upset about waking up for my 8 am classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays


I can appreciate being awake when no one else is.

I can appreciate the crisp, morning air and feeling like the world is still and calm.

I can appreciate being done with my classes by 10:45 am.


I can go on and on with examples of situations that aren’t ideal --  and that’s not to say I’ll intentionally miss exits on the highway or wake up at 6:20 am on days I have my first class at 10 – but rather, it’s accepting that life happens.

Life will always happen. It will give you things you didn’t ask for and things you can’t control. What you can control is how you react to the things life gives you.

And now you are at ease. 

The simple act of having a positive mindset has made me feel happier because I am seeking out happiness. It doesn’t happen by accident -- It’s a practice. It’s intentional.


Anger, sorrow, discomfort, frustration – this can be found in all that we experience daily.

 But we can find happiness and positivity too.

 The choice is yours.

Choose happiness.

Choose positivity.