A discussion of dichotomies ft. Mind vs. Body & Rational vs. Emotional

 The more I go on experiencing this whole life thing, the more I start to question why we, as humans, dichotomize the mind and the body. We pin the mind against the body and we pin the body against the mind, as if they aren’t one.

But here’s the truth:


The mind controls the body


The body controls the mind


It’s a balance—like yin and yang.


That’s not to say it’s not useful to acknowledge some kind of distinction, but I have come to realize -- and have once been guilty of it myself – that people don’t only categorize things into dualities. People always give value to them, and believe one to be better than the other. Even if it’s a subconscious occurrence.


And that’s the problem with dichotomies—there’s no inherent problem with saying there’s “this” and there’s “that,” however people have become incapable of thinking “this” and “that” are equal.


For example…

What do you think of when you hear the word “emotional”





Some people think:

·      Subjective

·      Not logical

·      Too many feelings

·      Etc.

People often think that being emotional means that you can’t think clearly because your emotions get in the way of “rationality.”


Now, what do you think of when you hear the word “rational”





Some people think:

·      Objective

·      Logical

·      Makes sense

·      Etc


The words that surface when we think of “emotions” / being “emotional” have a negative context in our society. We have come to value the aspects we’ve assigned to “emotions” as less than when compared to the aspects we’ve assigned to “rationality.”


Emotions are often placed as separate, opposite, and less-valued than “rationality.”


Are emotions not real? Are they not rational? Are having emotions irrational?

Does being rational mean removing your emotions?

Can you be rational with disregard to your emotions and the emotions of others?


Do emotions not determine rationality? (Many people would disagree with the idea that emotions determine rationality, but nothing is ever truly objective. Anything you define as rational has a connection to your inner values and beliefs; those inner values and beliefs are dictated by your emotions).


Another problem I see with dualities is that they’re restrictive. What happens when there are only two boxes to check but you or something or anything fits outside of those two boxes?


Life isn’t black and white, Life is all of the shades of grey in between.