"How to make science, technology, & medicine better going forward"

An excerpt from one of my assignments:

To make science, technology, and medicine better going forward, America can’t be profit-driven. At least not in a gross “the richest 1% in the U.S. have more wealth than the bottom 90%” kind of way. Medicine would drastically improve if America didn’t want to profit off of sick people. The world would be closer to the truth if science were more transparent. As a whole, science needs to open its doors wider. More populations of people need to be a part of science and be represented; it can’t just be white people. It can’t just be men. Science needs to acknowledge its biases because if a human is involved in science, then it can’t be 100% objective. The public needs to be told what the scientists’ motives are and to know WHO funds scientific research. Any sponsorships in science, even indirect forms of receiving money, must be open to the public. And again, profit cannot be the number one concern. If there weren’t a societal obsession with making extraneously high amounts of money, industries like tobacco, meat, and oil would act more socially responsible and be driven to care for this planet.