Why are we so afraid to reveal our human experience?

The human experience is fascinating.

On the most basic level, all humans experience the same thing.

We breathe.

We eat.

We think.

We poop.

We touch.

We feel.

We love.



And yet -- These most natural, mutual tendencies become… uncomfortable to talk about.


We hide our experiences from others.

We disconnect from others.

We feel alone.


But we’re not alone. Everything is interrelated.


You have a connection to every being on this planet. All you have to do is keep an open mind.

Be open to sharing. Be open to listening. Express your thoughts and passions and concerns and desires to others and you’ll witness your relationships transform before your eyes.


I used to feel very embarrassed to talk about the details of my life, whether it was the insecurities I feel about my skin or doubts I have about my future success.


But a funny thing happened.

I noticed one person express an insecurity that I could relate to.

And then I noticed another person tell me an embarrassing story I could connect with.

And so on and so forth.


Little by little, I realized I wasn’t so alone.


And then another funny thing happened.

I started to notice myself be more open to others.

I’d share a personal experience that I used to feel uncomfortable discussing.

The more open I became, the more open others were to receiving and giving.

The best part was hearing others tell me they were glad they weren’t so alone.

We all wear a mask that we present to the world.

We wear this mask daily.

I wear it.

You wear it.



Why do we mask our human experiences?


Talk about the things you’re going through.


We all have stories we need to tell and words people need to hear.


Connect with others.

Other wills connect with you.

We are all one.